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Only person who can do it is ME

What keeps me going is goals.
Muhammad Ali 

To me, Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay, is one of the best if not the best boxers of all time. I find him so inspirational and look up to him as a way of striving for my best.

Although my greatest source of motivation will always be my grandmother saying to me 

The only person who can do something for you is yourself!

-Sheila Mc Alinden

To me, my grandmother instilled those “fight for what you want in life” values. I have set myself some goals for the next 5 months until my birthday next January. 

number 1

to drop at least another 2-3 dress sizes 🙂

number 2

to excel past my self imposed limitations

number 3

to be happy and value each day for its greatness


It’s not that I think that losing weight = happiness, but I believe that my weight has held me back from countless things I have wanted to do in the last 5-6 years.

I miss going out with the girls and not feeling self conscious.

I miss wearing high heels.

I miss clothes shopping.

I miss being active.

Well no longer will I miss them, everyday is a new challenge which I accept willingly. 

After all, the only person who can do something for myself is ME 🙂

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